Elly Kostense is a native Belgian (Antwerp).

At 19 years old she moved to Thailand where she began her journey into the arts, discovering different outlets for her creativity through jewelry design and painting.

She was trained as a jewelry designer and worked in the industry for several years. Her passion has been demonstrated throughout her many exclusive jewelry collections.

Although primarily a self-taught artist, she also studied painting under a number of prominent Thai and American teachers and professors.

She made the transition to a fulltime painting career and has since held several exhibitions, each with its own distinctive theme.

Having spent the majority of her life living in Thailand, her work draws from her own worldly observations and her incessant cross-cultural intrigue. Elly’s recognizable signature style is best described as being both dramatic and powerful, articulating vibrant colours through a juxtaposition of rough brushstrokes and delicate lines.

Asia remains Elly’s muse over the years. Stirred by the rapid disappearance of traditional Asian cultures–something she observed first hand–Elly initially focused on telling the story of the women within these cultures in their struggle for identity. Acknowledging the often-denied importance of the woman’s role in society, her earlier collections focused on revealing both the hardships and strength that is often hidden behind a facade of beauty and serenity.

Subsequently, deciding to develop her craft by attending the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Elly opened herself to more western influences.

Intrigued by the phenomena of cultural evolution and globalization, her focus shifted to portraying the effects of such change on the individual across nations and cultures. Through her paintings, she has explored the resistance versus the urge to change, working with the reactions of different civilizations
 amidst their reforming political and social landscapes.

Her work focuses on the need for mankind to strive towards progression, showing the fear of difference as opposed to the yearning to enforce it.

Alongside her career as an artist, in 2011 Elly opened her own gallery and events space in the heart of Antwerp: Gallery Louiza Antwerp



Bangkok Art Group
Imperial Queens Park Hotel, Bangkok

Bangkok Art Festival
Neilson Hays Gallery, Bangkok

International Exhibition
I.S.B. Unocal Gallery, Bangkok

Solo exhibition  “Kimono”
Sukothai Hotel, Bangkok

Art exhibition on the occasion of 100 years Thai-Belgium friendship
Siam Society, Bangkok

International Exhibition
I.S.B., Unocal Gallery, Bangkok

“Art for Elephants”
Thai Cultural Center, Bangkok

Solo exhibition  “Sari ”
Budji Living Gallery, Bangkok

“Art Painting” expo
TADU Contemporary Art, Bangkok

“The Journey”
Exhibition & auction Indus, Bangkok

Beluthai Chamber of Commerce
The Landmark Hotel, Bangkok

Solo exhibition  “Jabula!”
V9 Sofitel Hotel, Bangkok

Solo exhibition  “Change”
Arstudio Gallery, Knokke-Belgium

“ Art & Chocolates”
Belgium Embassy, Bangkok

Solo exhibition “Priz©e for Peace”
Gallery Louiza Antwerp

“Priz©e 4 Peace” The Movement
Gallery Louiza Antwerp