Located in a charming neighborhood in the heart of Antwerp, you will find a unique space serving as a contemporary ART GALLERY and intimate EVENT VENUE. Gallery Louiza Antwerp, a place that breaks away from the traditional notions of a gallery, fuses art with culture, entertainment and community.

Created by artist Elly Kostense, an Antwerp native who lived in Asia for 30 years, the space reflects her own oriental and new world influences.

Aiming to make art accessible, the gallery invites artists from around the world to show their work, and builds a platform for creative talent within its atmospheric walls.
The gallery also acts as an ideal spot to host social gatherings such as meetings, receptions and presentations within an inspiring environment.

Bringing a fresh perspective to Antwerp’s artistic and cultural scene, Gallery Louiza Antwerp is a versatile setting that celebrates creativity.

Visit us at Louizastraat 13, Antwerp 2000 (next to Mechelsplein)